Jewelry that goes well with pink

Are you a bridesmaid that is stuck wearing a pink dress you would not have picked? Well, jewelry is here to save your outfit.

If you don’t know what color goes well with pink. Here are a few ideas of jewelry pieces that will go great with your bridesmaid outfit or any other outfit  

Emerald green earrings 

Think about pink roses with green leaves and how beautiful they look. It is the same with clothes and jewelry. You can play with different pink and green tones 

Gold Paperclip Necklace

I personally think that gold is the new black. It goes well with everything. Adding a touch of gold jewelry to any outfit makes you look more elegant 

Pink Earrings  

Also called monochromatic. The term monochromatic refers to using the same color in different shades. So what about trying different shades of pink 

All I am saying is have fun with colors. Picking the jewelry to go with your dress should be a fun experience

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